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Services at Rupp Chiropractic & Advanced Nutrition

Welcome to the Services section of our website.

This Clinic will not only market to those individuals with back and neck complaints, but to all who are not living with optimal health and want to pursue a holistic and natural approach to health care.

With chiropractic patients, the Doctor's duties will include: Patient Consultations, Chiropractic Examinations and Treatments, report of findings discussion with each patient, diagnosis of conditions and Pathologies, the writing of Treatment Plans and Prescribing Exercise and Rehabilitation Protocols.

With internal medicine patients, the Doctor's duties will include: Patient Consultations, a Comprehensive Packet of Personal History, Laboratory Testing, Report of Findings discussion with each patient, Diagnosis of Conditions and Pathologies, Treatment Protocols comprising of Chiropractic Adjustments, Diet and Lifestyle Changes, Nutritional Therapies, and Exercise, Re-examining when symptoms improve of worsen.

Rupp Chiropractic & Advanced Nutrition provides a service that will benefit the community because chiropractic and functional medicine aids in the restoration of balance and homeostasis in the body by utilizing the bodies own ability to heal itself without the use of prescription medications or surgery. Drs. Kyle and Mallory will present the community with an alternative, holistic, and natural approach to health care. They will also give individuals of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to seek out non-medical ways to maintain their optimal level of health and lifestyle. Dr. Kyle and Dr. Mallory will treat all members of the community that seek their services ranging from spinal care and extremity rehabilitation to nutritional counseling. Dr. Kyle will take on patients who have work related injuries that need rehabilitation, as well as individuals who have obtained other personal injuries that require his services. Dr. Mallory will also take on patients who seek to find and maintain health from a natural approach using nutraceuticals.